LAUNCH of the CLW WordPress blog site!

Welcome to the new blog site for the Children Lead the Way program!

This blog is intended to be an online hub for sharing and learning across the 5 Children Lead the Way programs and countries. This cross-programmatic learning space will host links to resources, presentations, videos, reports, photos and more!

To get you started, here’s some information on “how to” use the site:

We have uploaded content for your viewing already! To familiarize yourself with the site click on the Page tabs running from left to right of your screen. All posts made go to the “General” Page tab, but for more specific information we have designed a tab for each thematic area, such as Education, Gender, Working Children. For example, if you would like to find the Gender Maps resource, you will find that under the Gender thematic tab. For workplans and annual reports, you will find those under the “Resources” tab.

We have set up the blog to be as easy to use as possible.Our Learning & Engagement Coordinator Leigh Eagles will be managing the site so please send all your posts and any comments and questions to


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