Post-MDG 2015 Consultation with Youth in Bolivia

children consultation

On October 22, 2013 an interesting consultation took place in La Paz with Bolivian youth on the Post-MDG 2015, in the context of Day of Action for the Global Race for Survival. View the full report in Spanish here:  ResultadosConsulta2015

Here is a snapshot of the consultation results in English:youth consultation

“In 2030, we the children and adolescents in Bolivia want for all children of the world:
• To live without violence and with gender equality.
• Have a quality of life and education with love, respect without violence or discrimination, respecting their rights,
• Having our mothers alive and with universal access to reproductive health,
• Living without HIV / AIDS and that people who live with HIV / AIDS have a decent life,
• Living in a economical and cultural developed country, with gender equity (to be a power at a Latin American level).
• A country with companies that generate a lot of money to the State,
• Living in a country with decent, sovereign people, without corruption,
• Feeding programs and sustenance of food, for kids and adolescents, by the State, for better alimentation and nutrition,
• Enjoy an ecological and technological world,
• That all people have access to social networks,
• That there are more efficient and less corrupt public officials,
• That there is less pollution and more recycling,
• That all young people and adults have stable jobs and health insurance,
• That there is less malnutrition in the population,
• Avoid extreme poverty through the creation of sources of safe and stable work,
• That the authorities listen to our opinions.


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