3rd ILO Conference on Child Labour

On October 8th to 10th, the ILO held its 3rd international conference on child labour, in Brasilia.

SCC was able to attend, representing the Canadian civil society, as part of the Canadian delegation. Save the Children was also represented through Wendy Blanpied – SCUS and Denise Cesario – SC Brazil.

Below are some of the key take away from the conference:


  • Higher understanding and links to a Child rights’approach and the CRC

“Convinced that the goal of eradicating child labour unites all countries since child labour impairs the realisation of children’s rights and its eradication constitutes an important issue for development and human rights”

  • Call for collective action:

–          Collaboration with civil society and multiple stakeholders

–          Collaboration within government entities

–          Collaboration with private sector, with a focus on supply chain

  • Focus on the implementation (and not only ratification) of public policies
  • Focus on public policies and services that secure

–          Social protection floor for the family

–          Right to “free, compulsory, quality education”

–          Health


  • Low understanding of children’s agency in countries and during the conference
  • Reinforcement of labour inspection
  • Criminalization of families / children
  • No reference to CRBP – but reference to UN Guiding principles


  • At the national level:

Keep engaging with ministry of labour, strengthen their capacity in CHILD RIGHTS.

Support the creation of multi stakeholder roundtables in countries

  • At the international level

Engage with IPEC to participate to the 2014, 2015, 2016 Steering Committee meetings

Prepare children and youth to participate to the 2017 meeting in Argentina:

–          Collect their voice and experience

–          Facilitate dialogue at national level between children groups and ministry of Labour

–          Advocate for children participation with the national delegates to the ILO

Click here for the Declaration of the Conference The Brasilia Declaration on Child Labour

Click here for the Children Declaration ILO2013_Brasilia_Youth Declaration


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