OCIC Workshop on CLW Productive Education & Dignified Work

Productive Education, Skills Development and Dignified Work: Save the Children’s Children Lead the Way & Bulgari Jewelry Making programs in Latin America

To give country teams an idea of what kind of education and awareness-raising activities we are engaging audiences in Canada, on Nov 7-8 2013, Children Lead the Way delivered a workshop at the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) State of the World’s Youth Global Citizen’s Forum. The Forum held in Toronto brought together over 100 youth, international development leaders and practitioners, advocates, academics, researchers, and funders to strengthen individual and collective capacity and multi-stakeholder dialogue on issues affecting youth globally.

The CLW workshop received positive feedback from participants. In particular, participants who went into the workshop with notions of anti-child labour came out with a renewed understanding of a nuanced approach to children and work, including a better understanding of the reality and reasons why children work around the world. Participants commented on the unique approach Save the Children uses with the intersection of education and protection.Thank you to Team Bolivia & Peru for your help in developing the workshop!

 Check out the full presentation here:  OCIC CLW Dignified Work & Transformative Gender Approach.  Below are the workshop summary and objectives.

Workshop Summary:

Save the Children’s vision is for children and youth to realize their right to a quality education and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their potential. Save the Children believes that quality, relevant and appropriate education and life skills for children and youth are some of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty. SCC’s DFATD-funded Children Lead the Way (CLW) program secures the equal rights of girls and boys to protection, education, survival and health in Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Kenya and Burkina Faso. The workshop will showcase the productive education and dignified work components of the CLW program in Latin America, with a transformative gender approach.

Goals & Objectives:

1.       To share good practices in education programming for children and youth through CLW’s productive and livelihood education program in schools and through the promotion of dignified work

2.       To share ways of integrating and improving gender equality for girls and boys in productive education and dignified work programming through a transformative gender approach

3.       To identify ways in which young people exercise their right to participation through the promotion and protection of boys’ and girls’ rights among civil society, government, child-led groups and the private sector

4.       To identify and discuss challenges and opportunities for young people in meeting the needs of quality, relevant education


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