Children & Work

Children Lead the Way is a programme that supports working children in a holistic way!

Our approach is based on a nuanced understanding of child work, that recognizes both the risks of exploitation and rights violation that many working children face, as well as the benefits that some types of work can bring into their lives, including improving their self-esteem and their sense of belonging to their community and learning skills to build their future.

During the lengths of the programme, the working children component will look at how to:

– improve meaningful participation for working children, including in children’s clubs and working children organizations; with special attention to how boys and girls can contribute (see also the Gender page)

– support children to transitioning from harmful work to dignified work*

– support the productive education models to provide children with the learning that they need (see also the Education page)

This page is intended to share our successes or challenges, as well as our questioning regarding the above issues. This is to facilitate a constructive dialogue between our different experiences in 5 countries! Post along and make this page yours!


Discovering the Bolivian cosmovisions

In October 2012, all the partner of the Bolivian programme came together to do a common exercise: after designing together a questionnaire… (Read more here)


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