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CLW Final Report Summary

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The Children Lead the Way Final Report Summary presents the highlights from the 2011-2016 global results report, and includes major achievements in each country, main lessons learned, and an overview of the program’s approach and technical assistance provided.


Gender in Focus – Photovoice Guide

Beginning in 2015, Children Lead the Way launched a Photovoice project titled Gender in Focus in two implementing countries, Bolivia and Kenya. Photovoice is a powerful participatory tool because it enables participants to share how they see the world, and key factors impacting the rights of girls, boys, women and men through their own lens. The purpose of this project was to explore gender equality with working children and adolescents (female and male), to build their understanding of key gender considerations, learn from their perspectives and experiences and support participants in being advocates and agents for positive transformative change to address gender inequalities.

Gender in Focus aimed to:

  • Use Photovoice to explore girls’ and boys’ experiences, perspectives, attitudes and ideas around gender equality, especially related to learning and livelihoods.
  • Support the CLW program to carry out gender-sensitive and transformative activities.
  • Ensure girls and boys have an equitable and powerful voice communicating their perspectives on gender, and in advocating for gender equality.

Gender in Focus Guide provides an overview of the approach utilized to facilitate photovoice within the program, as well as showcases photos and stories which resulted from the process. The Guide breaks down the process into 10 simple steps, to support Gender in Focus in being replicated in other projects moving forward.

CLW Gender & Work Guide

The Gender and Children and Work Manual draws learnings from five years of programming across five countries on the critical topic of gender, children and work. To this purpose, this manual aims to showcase:

  • Why gender sensitive and transformative approaches are essential for high impact and high quality programs focused on children and work;
  • Key gender considerations for children who work which were highlighted within the program via studies, participatory research methodologies and ongoing monitoring and evaluation;
  • Approaches applied to support gender sensitive and transformative empowerment programming with and for children who work; and,
  • Important challenges for gender transformative programming on children and work, to be given further focus in projects beyond CLW.


Working to Change the World Resource Guide for Teachers

Working to Change the World is a resource guide designed for educators, especially Ontario middle and secondary school teachers on the issue of Children & curriculumWork.

The purpose of this resource guide designed for educators is to educate, raise awareness, and promote discussion around the issue of children and work.This resource guide has been designed to complement curricular objectives in classrooms in Ontario. Educators are encouraged to use the curriculum in whole or in part, taking activities and aspects of the resource that are relevant to them in their classroom. The resource has also been designed with the intention of being easily re-purposed or tailored for a wide range of audiences or public engagement purposes.


Work as a factor in the construction of a life plan for working children and adolescents, As examined by a gender-based approach

Study: Work as a factor in the construction of a life plan for working children and adolescents, As examined by a gender-based approach (2016)

This study seeks to explore and examine, from the viewpoint of working children and adolescents, the actual or non-existent contribution of work to achieve the desired life plan, considering the different features of life that have an impact on the development of children. The study was focused on six communities in Bolivia and Nicaragua —both urban and rural— and involved, other than working children and adolescents, the experiences of the families, organisations, authorities, and employers—all of them key actors for their training and socializing, and also enablers for the future of working children and adolescents.

Spanish full ; Executive summary – English ; Resumen Ejecutivo – Español

Bolivia: Productive Education and Program Videos

This video highlights work with the Guarani region of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, focused on children who work in agricultural communities. CLW works with schools to improve literacy and numeracy, to bring intercultural and relevant education, and introducing a productive project of peanut toasting within a school.

Bolivia: Children Lead the Way Program (Spanish):