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CLW Final Report Summary

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The Children Lead the Way Final Report Summary presents the highlights from the 2011-2016 global results report, and includes major achievements in each country, main lessons learned, and an overview of the program’s approach and technical assistance provided.


Bolivia: Productive Education and Program Videos

This video highlights work with the Guarani region of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, focused on children who work in agricultural communities. CLW works with schools to improve literacy and numeracy, to bring intercultural and relevant education, and introducing a productive project of peanut toasting within a school.

Bolivia: Children Lead the Way Program (Spanish):

Bolivia – Productive education publication!

In Bolivia, CLW has been addressing access to quality education through multiple approaches. One of them supported schools to implement a new education law that promoted a holistic approach through 4 dimensions:

  •  To Be: development of values, aspirations and feelings of community life worldview principles;
  • To Make: to implement and develop practice activities , technical and technological for technical and intellectual production procedures;
  • To Decide : developing the organizational level of the student and determine a drive with critical thinking to solve problems and challenges
  • To Know: developing empirical knowledge , theories, arts and sciences.

Part of this approach included “productive education”. CLW supported 16 “Socio Productive Projects” in different schools, from the market and training assessments,  to the design of curriculum and teacher training, to the creation of governance bodies embedded in the schools inclusive of school administration, community representative and students, to buying machinery and supply, and finally to supporting them in commercialization of their products.

Those Socio Productive Projects not only taught boys and girls productive skills with a potential market, but also provided them with a space to participate, engage with community, and re-connect with their traditional values and know how.

More in the Report! Available here in Spanish and in English!