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Burkina Faso – Apprenticeship publication!

In Burkina Faso one of the educational pathways the program offers for working girls and boys is through informal apprenticeships, as a form of vocational training in order to provide adolescent girls and boys with the skills needed to access and sustain dignified work.

Informal apprenticeships have emerged as a valued educational training component of livelihood programming for adolescent boys and girls and to transition into the workplace. However a major issue is the violation of children’s rights, specifically girls, who participate  in informal apprenticeships. These violations include violence against children and adolescents, excessive hours of work, and economic exploitation. Additionally, many adolescents drop out of their apprenticeship before its completion, or
transition to unrelated business opportunities.

This led the CLW team and our partners to start a pilot initiative focusing on informal apprenticeship conditions in the Cascades region to provide girls and boys with the opportunity to engage in apprenticeships that enhance their rights!

We have engaged with girls and boys placed in apprenticeship, the master artisans, parents, partners and the staff from the relevant government institutions.

This experience was captured and analyzed in a report:

Children Lead The Way Findings
For A Child Rights-Based Apprenticeship Framework In Burkina Faso

This report begins with (1) a conceptual framework of informal apprenticeships based on children’s rights and (2) an overview of apprenticeships in Burkina Faso. It goes on to provide (3) innovative perspectives on how to best use the experience of the pilot initiative in other projects and programs designed to protect the rights of children engaged in informal apprenticeship.
Read more on the report available here in English and French!




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Burkina Faso’s CLW Program, improving protection of children in apprenticeship programs.


Click on the link below to find out what the CLW team in Burkina Faso is doing to document their practices in improving protection for children in apprenticeship programs.

BF POSTING Le Programme CLW de SCI pour le bon apprentissage des enfants travailleurs

(in French and English)

Gender training for health partners in Burkina Faso

In January, two Save the Children Canada staff – Deanna Duplessis and Rebecca Harry provided a training on the integration of gender equality to health consultations for our CLW health partners in Burkina Faso. The training was an adaptation of a training designed for the Improving Community Health project in Mali, which has similar context and strategy than the Exclusive Breastfeeding component of CLW in Burkina Faso.

See the attached document for the full report on the training!

Atelier de formation des formateur en genre pour les représentants de la santé communautaire

Burkina Faso’s International Day of the Dignity of the Child

In Burkina Faso, because of the celebration of the 53th anniversary of the independence of the country on December 11, the celebration of 9 December was a little disrupted. However, at the December 9, Salaki in the region Mouhoun, hosted a radio debate on working conditions and children’s learning.

On 10 December, a consultation meeting took place on children’s protection around the question of the implementation of the National Action Plan against the Worst Forms of Child Labour (NPA / WFCL ) and promotion of decent and dignified work for working children.

This meeting was focused in particular on the establishment of the National Council for coordinating the fight against the worst forms of child labor, as it was decided at the Council of Ministers of November 27. Participants also worked on two major themes that have focused on the one hand, on strategies for coordinating the implementation of the NPA / WFCL and other hand, strategies for mobilizing resources for its implementation.

The Country Office of Save the Children took an active part in this work through the CLW program that allows six implementing partners to support child laborers in the Central region , Cascades region , Hauts – Basins region and Boucle du Mouhoun region.

Note that in the above-mentioned regions, Save the Children is working closely with the Regional Directorates of Public Service, Labour and Social Security, which also receive funding for the implementation of prevention and protection against the worst forms of child labor and also for the promotion of decent and dignified work.

En Francais:

Au Burkina Faso, en raison de la célébration du 53ème anniversaire de l’indépendance du Pays le 11 Décembre, la célébration du 9 décembre a été un peu perturbée.

Cependant, à la date du 9 décembre, Salaki, dans la région de la Boucle du Mouhoun, a organisé un débat radiophonique sur les conditions de travail et d’apprentissage des enfants.

Le 10 décembre, il était prévu une rencontre de concertation des acteurs de la protection des enfants autour de la question de la mise en œuvre du Plan d’Action Nationale de lutte contre les Pires Formes de Travail des Enfants (PAN/PFTE) ainsi que la promotion du travail digne et décent pour les enfants travailleurs.

Cette rencontre qui s’est effectivement tenue a porté notamment sur la mise en place du conseil national de coordination de lutte contre les pires formes de travail des enfants, tel qu’il a été décidé lors du conseil de ministre du 27 novembre dernier.

Les participants ont aussi travaillés sur deux thèmes majeurs qui ont porté, d’une part, sur les stratégies de coordination de la mise en œuvre du PAN/PFTE et d’autres part sur les stratégies de mobilisation des ressources pour sa mise en œuvre.

Le Bureau Pays de Save the children a pris part activement à ces travaux à travers le programme CLW qui permet à 6 partenaires de mise en œuvre d’accompagner les enfants travailleurs dans les régions du Centre, des Cascades, des Hauts-Bassins et de la Boucle du Mouhoun.

Il faut noter que dans les régions citées, Save the Children travaille étroitement avec les Directions Régionales de la Fonction Publique, du Travail et de la Sécurité Sociale qui reçoivent aussi des fonds pour la mise en œuvre des activités de prévention et de protection contre les pires formes de travail des enfants et aussi pour la promotion du travail digne et decent.

CLW Kenya and Burkina Faso Exchange Visit Report

Click here to read more about an exchange visit between CLW Kenya and Burkina Faso teams March 17-27, 2013: Burkina Faso Exchange Visit Report

This report outlines the exchange programme visit to Burkina Faso by a team of seven members supported by Save the Children Kenya. The team members comprised of three Save the Children International staff (one from Meru Field Office), one government officer from the Ministry of Labour and three staff from partner organizations AfCiC, K-NOTE and KAACR. The report provides details of the ten different forums where different activities were conducted within the ten days visit by the team in line with the working children, lessons learned, as well as recommendations.